Advancing equity

A strong belief in equity guides how we live and work. We create a culture of opportunity for our employees to thrive and give back to our communities to ignite positive change.

Stitch Fix employees sitting on chairs and sofas in the office.

Our people

Our mission is to inspire people to be their best selves—including employees. A diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace helps every one of us be our best.

Gender representation

We’re proud of the number of women at Stitch Fix: our female Founder and CEO, 38% women in technical roles, 62% women in leadership and 63% women on our Board.

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Racial & ethnic diversity

More diverse teams and leaders create better business outcomes. We are committed to increasing the number of people who identify as BIPOC across our teams and Board.

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Employee pay equity

We pay each person the same amount (dollar-for-dollar) as someone else performing the same job, regardless of gender, race or age, based on data-driven market analysis.

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Universal Parental Leave

Our 16-week paid parental leave policy for full-time employees extends equal benefits to new parents of any gender. Our company culture encourages employees to take parental leave to support their families.

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Employee Relief Funds

Our Employee Relief Fund offers financial support to hourly employees experiencing hardship as a result of natural disasters, the COVID-19 pandemic and more.

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Equal right to vote

The right to vote is fundamental to our democracy, and to advance a more equitable society. We ensure that all of our U.S. employees have time to vote. By partnering with Civic Alliance and Time To Vote, we support the systemic change needed to protect the right to vote for every American, no matter their identity or which political party they support.

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Stitch Fix employee inspecting a variety of fabrics and clothing.

Our communities

We choose to be a force for positive change within our communities, selecting organizations we partner with based on a shared vision of a more equitable world.

Atlanta Women’s Foundation

The AWF strives to ensure that all women and girls in metro Atlanta live safe, economically self-sufficient, successful lives.

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Through stories of real-life experiences that spur passion and action, MAKERS accelerates the women’s movement.

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Supporting social justice

We support Black lives and denounce racism. To be part of the solution, we’ll donate $500K to organizations advancing social justice.

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Baby2Baby provides children living in poverty with diapers, clothing and more of the basic necessities every child deserves.

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One-for-one mask donation program

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, we donated over 210,000 masks to support the communities in which we operate. Local partners included Boys & Girls Club of Dallas, Lehigh Valley Health Network, and San Mateo County Health Foundation. 

Give Back Day

Each year, our regional styling teams have a dedicated day to volunteer with local organizations and make a difference in their communities.

Grant and mentorship program: Elevate

Elevate is our grant and mentorship program designed to promote a more diverse retail landscape by supporting the next wave of Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) entrepreneurs in fashion.

The program will provide financial grants and mentor underrepresented entrepreneurs using our art and science approach to share resources, unique data insights and expertise to help grow their business.

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Logo for Elevate Grant & Mentorship program.

Our products

Every client we serve is one of a kind. We recognize that with size-inclusive, body-positive clothing and diverse talent in our marketing.

Stitch Fix men’s clothing folded on a wooden chair with a jacket and boots. Stitch Fix plus size women’s clothes including a teal floral blouse top and jeans.
Stitch Fix mens and kids clothes including t-shirts, layers and pants. Stitch Fix gender neutral kids clothes including black jackets, camo shorts and green hats.

Diversity across our marketing

We partner with diverse models, content creators and influencer partners both in terms of racial, ethnic and size representation. We’re committed to partnering with 60% BIPOC talent, and to ensuring their pay equity.

Size-inclusive clothing

Great style has no size. We carry women’s petite and plus sizes 0-24W and up to 3X, as well as men’s big & tall sizes. We’re proud of the size-inclusive women’s collaborations we’ve launched, and our role in helping more than 15 brand partners expand their size offerings.

Petite Plus Big & tall

Gender-neutral style options for kids

We celebrate every child’s individuality. Our kids’ stylists can access clothing for either boys or girls to personalize Fixes, so a kiddo can express their true self in a fun and positive way.

Vendor diversity

We’re a member of the Vendor Diversity Coalition to help create a more equitable and anti-racist vendor ecosystem.

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